Wild Enough for Willa

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Wild Enough for Willa

One night Willa Longworth found a fortune…and a man

What does a woman do when she finds cold hard cash at her feet? With a family against her, a son to nourish and a passion to extinguish, Willa did what any woman would do—she took the money and ran.

But the past was at her heels in the form of dangerously handsome Luke McKade—a man who would follow her to the ends of the earth and make her pay for her sins. A man who had demons…and a fierce need for Willa's heart and soul.

In a moment of danger and surprise, Luke discovered Willa's soft spot—him. But when all was resolved, would Willa find her real treasure? Would true love—and a million or two—be too wild a ride for Willa…or just wild enough?


“I am in the Air Force, and your books have traveled with me from Alaska to Afghanistan. Each time I pick up your latest book to read, it brings me into a world of romance, love and happy endings, and that can make my everyday world so much easier. I am always so eager to start your book and so reluctant to read the last page, as when I do, I always feel like I am leaving friends I have come to care about behind.”
- Laura Emerson, who named WILD ENOUGH FOR WILLA as her favorite Ann Major novel.

Note from Ann:

When Laura wrote this message to me in November 2003, she was stationed at Keesler Air Force Base and wrote, “I have always loved romance books as they take you into worlds you dream of and into the hearts of those you cheer for. I guess besides that, I am proud to serve a country I feel so blessed to be a part of, and most of all I love being a wife and mom, two things I have always dreamed of.”

Thanks to Laura and her husband, who is also in the Air Force, for their sacrifices while serving our country.

It’s earthy—danger, and surprise all rolled into one exciting tale with vibrant characterizations and excruciating tension.

~ Rendezvous