The Goodbye Child

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The Goodbye Child

Texas: Children of Destiny (The Jacksons) Book 6

When saying goodbye is impossible.

Yesterday… Eva Martin had had a weakness for bad boys

Eight years ago, Evangeline had walked away from her neighbor, the dangerously sensual Raoul Girouard and the passion they’d shared, to please her wealthy New Orleans family. Even after she learned of his treachery and tragic death in Africa she couldn’t stop loving him.

Today… Eva is determined to close the door on the past.

When Raoul walks back into her life calling himself Nicholas Jones, he’s the last man she wants to trust with her heart. Unfortunately, he’s a high-stakes player in a deadly game of power and intrigue and his enemy is using Eva as a bargaining chip.

When Nicholas abducts her to save her, she fights him every step of the way. But when the danger is past, can she say goodbye again to the one man she’s always loved?

The Goodbye Child is a wonderful blend of excitement, intrigue and romance. Don’t miss it!

~ KW Rendezvous